September 29th

Movie News: 2 more additions for Sin-Jin Smyth.


Roddy Piper agreed to terms with the team behind SIN-JIN SMYTH ( late Saturday night ending industry speculation about his potential involvementÉ "How could you not want to do this movie?" Piper said when asked about joining up with the production's 'bullet proof players' that make up the cast "This is why I got into this business in the first place, man, was to do good work! This (the script for SIN-JIN SMYTH) is what it's all about! It's gonna blow your mind!" Piper joins Richard Tyson, Jonathan Davis, Lewis Smith, Kevin Gage, Jeff Conaway, Jacqueline Moore, Billy Duffy, Lee Ving, Reb Brown, Reggie Bannister, Chris Doyle and Greg Travis. (With Jenna Jameson also rumored to be in the mix). Contributed by Tom Harris.


JENNA JAMESON is in negotiations to join the cast of next year's SIN-JIN SMYTH ( ). The film, which just had its production schedule extended (Rumor has it, to accommodate a sequel) follows two federal marshals on a midnight prisoner transfer over Halloween weekend of a mysterious man with no identity (who may or may not be straight out of Hell). Late additions to the cast which already stars RICHARD TYSON (Black Hawk Down, Kindergarten Cop, Three O'clock High), JONATHAN DAVIS (of KORN) LEWIS SMITH (Southern Comfort, Buckaroo Banzi, Wyatt Earp) LEE VING (Clue, Streets of Fire, lead singer of the punk band FEAR), RODDY PIPER (Of the WWE/WWF, They Live), REGGIE BANNISTER (Phantasm), JACQUELINE MOORE (Of the WWE/WWF), BILLY DUFFY (Of The Cult), CHRIS DOYLE (Darkman, Army of Darkness) and GREG TRAVIS (Tool Box Murders. Showgirls, Starship Troopers) include: KEVIN GAGE (Heat, G.I. Jane, Blow, May) JEFF CONAWAY (Grease, Taxi, Babylon Five) and REB BROWN (Uncommon Valor, Big Wednesday, Captain America) . The target release date is sometime next summer.

September 4th

Movie News:Sin-Jin Smyth.



BILLY DUFFY of THE CULT agreed to terms with SNAP KICK PRODUCTIONS INC. and saddles up with the rebel alliance behind the production of SIN-JIN SMYTH (!

The film (Written and Directed by Ethan Dettenmaier)---which follows two federal marshals who man an isolated Federal Outpost in the American Midwest as they receive an emergency message one night (over Halloween weekend) to blitz across the border into the Kansas Badlands (moments after a tornado warning) for the midnight prisoner transfer of man with no identity (and set against a Kansas legend about a Midnight appearance of the Devil every Halloween in a quiet, local cemetery)---is currently in production and set to hit theatres towards the end of next summerÉ

In a very inventive move, Duffy will contribute original guitar work to the Score, (Collaborating with the orchestral work of MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE), serve as Music Supervisor and lock and load for a part in the film as a rogue government agent who specializes in interrogation and torture!

And from a Music Supervisor stand point he will be backed up by the library of the SANCTUARY RECORDS GROUP which in addition to THE CULT includes MOTORHEAD, IRON MAIDEN, ROBERT PLANT, FLEETWOOD MAC, THE WU-TANG CLAN, ANTHRAX, NEIL YOUNG, BILLY IDOL and MORRISSEY just to name a few). So get ready because they plan to get loud!

---Tom Harris

August 10th

Site News:Interview with Ethan.

SIN-JIN director takes time out to answer a few questions. Click here to read it.

August 10th

Movie News:Sin-Jin Smyth.


CHRISTOPHER DOYLE, the Coffin Baby Killer in Tobe Hooper's THE TOOL BOX MURDERS (Who also served as stunt coordinator on ARMY OF DARKNESS, DARKMAN) is ramping up to join the rebel alliance behind SIN-JIN SMYTH (

Doyle, described by Director Ethan Dettenmaier as 'bullet proof!' is well respected within the industry for his 'bravery under fire and his ability to do next-to-impossible stunt work!' As with most news surrounding the production, very few details were released except the fact that Doyle will be 'HIT and LIT UP WITH A FLARE GUN! SHOT UP! And LYNCHED IN A TREE!' Talk about a nice day on the job!

---Contributed by Tom Harris

August 9th

Movie News:Sin-Jin Smyth.


BILLY DUFFY of the high-octane band, THE CULT is in talks to lay down some heavy guitar work on the soundtrack of SIN-JIN SMYTH! ( The film---which follows two Federal Marshals assigned to a midnight prisoner transfer (over Halloween weekend) of a mysterious man with no past---has a heavy action element in it, as if the characters were 'rough and tumble gunfighters out of the Wild West!' said Director (Ethan) Dettenmaier, 'And for that, we want a serious edge!'

Midnight Syndicate, who is hard at work designing the orchestral track for the film, wanted to revolutionize their sound---and The Director wants to keep the music mean! "Syndicate is inventive,"Ethan continued, "And they made it clear that they wanted to expand upon the sound that they've become known for and that led to the idea of bringing in a guitar player. Once Edward (Douglass of Syndicate) and I discussed it, we agreed we should go out and get one of the best!"

Enter Billy DuffyÉOne of the most respected men in music!!!

Although a contract is still in the process of being worked out, the idea took a serious step forward as the film's Producers met with Duffy and members of the SANCTUARY RECORDS GROUP at their offices in Los Angeles in order to 'make it work!'

Duffy will also take on the role of Music Supervisor, (working from the library of Sanctuary Records (which includes: IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD, ROBERT PLANT, BILLY IDOL, FLEETWOOD MAC, MOTLEY CRUE and others) and yes Duffy will also gear up to take on a wicked role in the film 'which will give him an opportunity to get locked and loaded, weapons and all!' Talk about a triple threat!

---Contributed by Fred Godlash

June 29th

Movie News:Sin-Jin Smyth.


The FX team from MAKE-UP and MONSTERS (Aliens, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Austin Powers) the team who designed and built the monster for the Jeepers Creepers franchise reported to SNAP KICK PRODUCTIONS INC. on the Warner Hollywood Lot (Los Angeles, Ca.) today to begin work on the film SIN-JIN SMYTH ( The story, set against a Halloween legend that warns of a midnight appearance of the Devil in a quiet Kansas cemetery follows two Federal Marshals as they report to the small town of Shin Bone, Kansas (moments after a tornado warning) for the midnight prisoner transfer of a man with no past and no identity. He is known only as...SIN-JIN SMYTH!

Details surrounding the title character are TOP, TOP SECRET but the rest of the principle cast includes: RICHARD TYSON (Black Hawk Down, Something About Mary, Two Moon Junction), JASON HILDEBRANDT (Black Hawk Down, and the upcoming KNIGHT FEVER), LEE VING (The Decline of Western Civilization, Black Moon Rising, singer of the punk band FEAR), GREG TRAVIS (Tool Box Murders, Starship Troopers, Lost Highway) LEWIS SMITH (Southern Comfort, Buckaroo Banzi, Wyatt Earp) and Jacqueline Moore (Of the WWF now WWE). The producing team is also in talks with Jonathan Davies of KORN and REGGIE BANNISTER (Phantasm) as well as several others to make 'dark' appearances in the film...

The script got quite a bit of heat earlier in the year when it was on the sales block but different Studio and Production Company Executives wanted to make "Hollywood changes" like: casting kids off the Warner Bros. Network orÉa feel good ending! One Exec even suggested tacking on an exorcism because "that's big right now!"

So the rights were retained by writer ETHAN DETTENMAIER (a working script doctor based in Los Angeles) and he set out to direct. (He recently made the comment "I'm tired of watching Hollywood recycle good material into shit!" and continued, "We want to make this dark and kick your teeth in" ---the rest of the text is unfit to print).

Lota Hadley (The House of Grimm and the upcoming Greek Life) along with JON DIVENS (Blade, Blade 2, Blade Trinity) is set to produce. Music will be composed by MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE.

ROB HOWETH (Tobe Hooper's soon to be released MORTUARY) the film's Production Designer has been working around the clock on stage six constructing what is rumored to be a GATEWAY TO HELL (Hooper's AD, Jonathan Zimmerman is on the film as well) and a complete armory of weapons supplied by BATTLE CRY PRODUCTIONS (Under Siege, Under Siege 2) is locked up right next door.

More to follow...

Contributed by Tom Harris
June 28th

Site News:Contest for Dukes of Hazzard is up, i know its not horror but I do have some horror ones coming soon