A Stanley Kubrick classic. Jack Nicholson plays a recovering alcoholic who gets a job as the caretaker for the Overlook Hotel during the winter's off season. Jack and his wife (played by Shelly Duvall), move into the Overlook with their son Danny, sort of a clairvoyant. The cook refers to it as "THE SHINING". Soon after the snow has barricaded the family in the hotel, Danny begins to discover the secrets of the Overlook hotel. Can the Torrance family defeat the evil lurking here?

In 1997, this classic was remade into a TV mini-series that showed on ABC as a two-part movie. To my knowledge it ran only once. In my personal opinion this re-make was better than the original. Jack Torrance was portrayed as Steven Weber (better known as Brian Hackett on Wings) and Mrs Torrance was played by (Rebecca DeMornay).