Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Rating: R

Official Site: Wrong Turn

Eliza Dushku

Plays the tough girl, great pick. But sorry to let all the drooling guys down, she shows more skin in "Bring it On"

Desmond Harrington

Another good pick, without him and Eliza's acting this movie would have scored a lot lower on my scale.

Emmanuelle Chriqui as Carly

She's a new face to me, she plays the girlfriend of Scott. Attractive but not too smart, sometimes you just wanted to smack her and tell her to stop crying.

Jeremy Sisto as Scott

"The Brainiac", who acts terribly stupid at times. He incessant rambling took some getting used to, hopefully I don't sound like that.

Kevin Zegers as Evan

Typical "stoner", barely remember his character.

Lindy Booth as Francine

Stoner's girl. She had the looks, but lost out on acting ability. But she does have a great idea on how to help their odds of being found. Did i mention she was attractive?

Chris (Desmond Harrington) is headed to an important meeting. He winds up having to take a mountain trail for a shortcut, and runs into Jessie and her friends. Both vehicles get damaged so they wind up wandering through the woods to try and find help or a phone. But they are not alone, they are being hunted.

Comments: I'm not going to hide it, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I see it as a cross between "Jeepers Creepers" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". The action starts immediately, and kept me hooked. There are several corny moments, as well as predictable. "Wrong Turn" does have some funny scenes, some are intentional, others are not, but it works.

Predictable..... But don't leave as soon as the credits start. Stick around for a few.

No visible CGI. The lighting was the biggest part of this movie, just as in any other "woods" movie. The blood was not excessive, but did look very real. Perfect.

Don't want to give anything away, but just gotta love the scene with the Gas Station Attendant