121. Coroner
Eat's Jason's Heart, Dies And Becomes Possesed
122. Asst. Coroner's
Autopsy Probe In Neck, Face Through Metal Grating
123. FBI Agent #1.
Pencil Through His Spinal Cord
124. FBI Agent #2
Coroner's Fingers Through His Skull
125. Alexis
Slashed Up With A Scalpel
126. Deborah
Stabbed Through The Back, Ripped In Half
127. Lou
Head Crushed Offscreen
128. Edna
Neck Crushed With Car Door
129. Josh
Possesed by Jason
130. Diana
Knife Sharpening Pole Through The Back
131. Robert Campbell
Possesed By Jason
132. Officer Ryan
Head Bashed Against A Locker
133. Officer Mark
134. Officer Brian
Heads Bashed Together
135. Ward
Arm Broken, Falls Dead Through Diner Doors
136. Shelby
Burned To Death
137. Joey B
Face Bashed In
138. Vicki
Impaled On Barbeque Skewer, Head Crushed
139. Sheriff Landis
Stabbed With Magic Dagger
140. Randy
Possesed By Jason
141. Creighton Duke
Back Broken