102. Jim
Impaled With A Spear Gun
103. Suzy
Stabbed With A Spear
104. J.J.
Bashed In The Head With Her Electric Guitar
105. Boxer
Hot Sauna Rock In The Chest
106. Tamara
Stabbed With A Mirror Shard
107. Jim Carlson
Harpooned In The Back
108. Admiral Robertson
Throat Slit With Machete
109. Eva
110. Crew Member
Accidentally Shot By Wayne
111. Wayne
Electrocuted On A Control Panel
112. Miles
Impaled On A Dec Post
113. Deck Hand
Axed In The Back
114. Gang Banger #1
Stabbed Through The Back With His Own Syringe
115. Gang Banger #2
Bashed And Scalded On A Steam Pipe
116. Julius
Jason Knocks His Head Off
117. Cop
Dragged Into An Alley, Killed Offscreen
118. Colleen Van Deusen
Killed In An Exploding Car
119. Charles McCullough
Drowned In A Barrel Of Sewage
120. Sanitation Worker
Bashed In The Skull With A Pipe Wrench