86. John Shepard
Drowned In Crystal Lake
87. Jane
Tent Spike In The Neck, Impaled To A Tree
88. Michael
Tent Spike Thrown Into His Back
89. Dan
Jason's Hand Through His Body, Neck Broken
90. Judy
Bashed Against A Tree In Her Sleeping Bag
91. Russell
Axed In The Face
92. Sandra
Pulled Underwater And Drowned
93. Maddy
Scythe In The Neck
94. Ben
Head Crushed In Jason's Bare Hands
95. Kate
Party Horn In The Eye
96. David
Butcher Knife In The Stomach
97. Eddie
Beheaded With A Machete
98. Robin
Thrown Through A Window
99. Amanda Shepard
Speared From Behind
100. Dr Crews
Tree-Trimming Saw In The Stomach
101. Melissa
Axed In The Head