68. Allen
Heart Ripped Out
69. Darren
Impaled On A Spear And Tossed Aside
70. Lizabeth
Speared Through The Mouth
71. Burt
Arm Ripped Off, Impaled On A Tree Branch
72. Stan
73. Katie
74. Larry
Triple Decapitation With A Machete
75. Martin
Broken Bottle In The Throat
76. Steven
77. Annette
Double Impalement With A Machete On Their Motorcycle
78. Nikki
Face Crushed Against RV Wall
79. Cort
Hunting Knife In The Head
80. Roy
Pieces Of Him Are Found Strewn In Woods
81. Sissy
Head Ripped Off
82. Paula
Hacked Up With A Machete
83. Officer Thornton
Dart In The Forehead
84. Officer Pappas
Head Crushed In Jason's Bare Hands
85. Sheriff Garris
Broken In Half