46. Neil
Macheted In Tommy's Dream
47. Les
Icepick In The Neck In Tommy's Dream
48. Joey
Hacked Up With An Axe
49. Vinnie
Road Flare In The Mouth
50. Pete
Throat Slashed With A Machete
51. Billy
Axed In The Head
52. Lana
Axed In The Chest
53. Raymond
Hunting Knife In The Stomach
54. Tina
Garden Shears In The Eyes
55. Eddie
Head Crushed With A Leather Strap
56. Anita
Throat Slashed
57. Demon
Speared Through An Outhouse Wall
Decapitated With A Cleaver
59. Ethel
Cleaver In The Head, Falls Face First Into Her Own Stew
60. Jake
Cleaver In The Face
61. Robin
Macheted From Beneath The Bed
62. Violet
Macheted In The Stomach
63. Duke
Found Butchered In His Own Ambulance
64. Matt
Railroad Spike Through His Head And Into A Tree
65. George
Eyes Gouged Out, Thrown Through A Window
66. Roy
Impaled On A Tractor Harrow
67. Pam
Knifed In Tommy's Dream