33. Axel
Surgical Hacksaw To The Throat, Neck Broken
34. Nurse Morgan
Gutted With A Scapel
35. Hitchhiker
Knifed Through The Neck
36. Samantha
Knifed Through The Raft Into The Neck
37. Paul
Speared In The Groin
38. Terri
Speared In The Back
39. Mrs. Jarvis
Killed Offscreen
40. Jimmy
Corkscrew Through The Hand, Cleaver In The Face
41. Tina
Thrown Through A Window
42. Ted
Knifed In The Head Through A Movie Screen
43. Doug
Head Crushed In Jason's Bare Hands
44. Sara
Axed In The Chest
45. Rob
Garden Harrow In The Throat