21. Harold
Cleaver In The Chest
22. Edna
Knitting Needle In The Back Of The Head
23. Fox
Pitchfork Through The Neck Onto A Rafter
24. Loco
Pitchforked In The Stomach
25. Ali
Bludgeoned With A Wrench; Later Revives And Is Macheted
26. Shelly
Killed Offscreen, Later Found With His Throat Slashed
27. Vera
Speargunned In The Eye
28. Andy
Macheted In Half While Walking On His Hands
29. Debbie
Knifed From Beneath Her Hammock
30. Chuck
Electrocuted On A Fuse Box
31. Chili
Stabbed With A Fireplace Poker
32. Rick
Head Squeezed Till His Eyes Pop Out