Inteview with ETHAN: Dettenmaier 3/21/2006:
Slasher Mania: Welcome and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me for another interview round.

ETHAN: Come on man! You're one of my favorite sites! You don't need to thank me for this! I should be thanking you! So thank you Joseph...THANK YOU SLASHER MANIA!

Slasher Mania: I'm sure most people have seen the reviews for Sin-jin roughcut; even without all the finishing touches placed on the the film, the response has been overwhelmingly positive-

ETHAN: That's a nice thing to say...thank you.

Slasher Mania: Personally during most movies lately I have found myself laughing---

ETHAN: That's beacuse most of them are so fuckin' bad!

Slasher Mania:---When it is obvious the intention of the scene was to either induce fear or excitement. Are you happy with the reactions of your audience you have witnessed so far?

ETHAN: I am happy with the reaction but not happy with the film yet...It's about 1/10 where it needs to be to have an impact on the audience so---although the response is good---I still feel we have a lot of work to do before we ramp up and deliver it to the fans...Because they're opinion is the only one that matters!

Slasher Mania:This being your directorial debut how has the finished product lived up to your envisionment?

ETHAN: Close...let me break that question down for you...The atmosphere and look of the picture exceeds my intentions and credit for that is do to our DP Denis Maloney, much more than to me...The action and acting is solid and credit for that is due to our talent and a very professional stunt and weapons crew...great people and every time I pushed the envelope on 'em the delivered man...I mean they came through on some rough demands because I wanted to rip the roof off this picture!!!

Slasher Mania:With a target theatrical release date for October, can you give us any tidbits on your advertising plans?

ETHAN: I want to do a press tour and meet the fans directly...that is more important to me than a big opening weekend...Marketing will be in place once we have agreed on a distributor (Right now the producers are in talks with several companies....Lions Gate and Warner Independant being two of them)... And they will put forward they're own stragety but for me...I want to hit the road with the reels and meet the fans directly with a series of screenings!

Slasher Mania:When do you think you will be able to make your distributor's name public?

ETHAN: Once we agree to terms...

Slasher Mania: Recently during your podcast interview with Reel Horror---

ETHAN: Good show isn't it?

Slasher Mania: You mentioned you were interested in having action figures produced from Sin-Jin Smyth. Have you already had talks with a company to produce these? Do you have any other merchandise plans or intents you can fill us in on?

ETHAN: We have been working up some action firgures in fact I saw some prototypes last week...Action figures of Rogue Marshals, The Devil---Great stuff---One (agent Dax) has a pair of sledgehammers, another has a noose around his neck...they all have an exotic look and accesories with them...pretty fun! As for as other merchandise...there's a video game---and in one version---the player is The Devil. Then there are Clothes...a Halloween mask, stuff like that...

Slasher Mania: The merchandising for "horror" memorabilia has ramped up a lot over the past years. With McFarlane's Movie Maniacs, as well as with Neca, Sota and several other companies, you being a horror fan, have you collected any of this merchandise? If so, what would you say is your favorite piece.

ETHAN: I haven't started to collect anything yet...But I sure would like something from the old Universal monster movies of the past...

Slasher Mania: During filming have you been preparing or thinking about extras or behind the scenes you could incorporate into the future DVD of the movie? I personally would love a "Hangmans' Deluxe Edition" with a HangmanÕs keychain from your poster.

ETHAN: That's a good idea...The DVD will be released with some bonus materials that get pretty extensive...not just behind the scenes and interviews but some surprises...

Slasher Mania: From all reactions, this movie is going to be a great success. On past interviews when asked why you chose to do Sin-jin you mentioned that you thought it would be a great way for you to "prove" yourself to everyone. What genre would you like your next movie to be?

ETHAN: There are plans for our company to launch a western about Confederate Raiders!!! I was also offered a chance to turn some Japanese animi into a film---I passed on a studio love story 'cause the script sucked---There are a few films I'd like to finance but not direct...So we'll see what the future holds, maybe more horror...I may also just retire and do charity work...

Slasher Mania: Given the "age of remakes" we are suffering through, its possible you would be approached to create your vision of a classic movie. What would be your top three choices (any genre).

ETHAN: would take VERY SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES to get me to re-make anything but to make this conversation more interesting...CAPTAIN BLOOD, THE HORROR EXPRESS and THE WILD GEESE which is one of my all time favorite merconary films!

Slasher Mania: I can't wait to see the final product in a packed theater-

ETHAN: Neither can I-

Slasher Mania: I enjoy the reactions of the rest of the audience almost as much as the movie itself when I go to the theater. On opening day would you rather be seated in a theater with a cast/crew and others who know you, or would you prefer to be an "unknown" in the middle of it all as just a witness?

ETHAN: I would prefer to be with the public...after all, the fans are the people we work for...I want to be with them!

Slasher Mania: I would like to thank you again for personally working with websites and webmasters such as myself on a personal level-

ETHAN: Never a problem and it should be expected from film makers to get involved-

Slasher Mania: Taking the time out of your work schedule to interact with the fans means a lot to us when we sit down to enjoy a film.

ETHAN: I means alot to me that the fans are there to make this industry what it is...That's the one thing no filmmaker should ever forget...THE FANS ARE WHAT MAKES THIS BUSINESS SO SPECIAL!!! For the fans by the fans...right?!?

Thanks again Joseph...I hope to talk to you soon.